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oh anons are silly

I got an anon message earlier [turned it back on, missed you silly goobers]

and… apparently

Calling my animals by their biological sex or what I think their sex is makes me “transphobic” and “cis scum” and I


Identifying animals by their biological sex is not transphobic. There are a lot of animals that change their sex during the course of their lifetime or out of necessity. They do not understand nor grasp the idea of transgender. If they do it, it’s a reaction that they were designed to do, not because they want to. They’ll have sex with the same gender, sure, but that’s also just a natural part of nature? There’s probably a lot more gay sex than hetero sex going on in the animal kingdom than people realize…

Tortle here explains it a LOT better than I can.

Unfortunately I’ve seen this “gendering animals is transphobic!” thing a lot lately. It’s starting to get a little annoying since it’s a pretty useless argument when used against animals. I had one friend told me she had it happen at petco where she works. Some girl came in and wanted a crested gecko. My friend sexed it for her and told her it was male and she literally said “How are you SURE that’s what HE wants to be? What if HE wants to be a GIRL??” [when this gecko had very obvious man-bulge…] called my friend transphobic piece of cis trash and stormed out of the store.

I’ve got several trans friends and I support everyone’s decision about their gender and/or sexuality because they have the right to express it and feel comfortable with themselves and they should feel no reason to be uncomfortable with who they are.

But when people start raging on me for calling my genetically male animals “male” and genetically female animals “female”… yeah… just… don’t…. please.

Animals don’t understand it and their owners just get annoyed with it.

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    i wasn’t aware of this, but it just sounds ridiculous to me :/ gender is a human social concept, animals don’t have any...
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    *facepalm* gender is a social construct. animals do not have social constructs. you can call animals by their physical...
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