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I am female, 22 years old, and have an addiction to reptiles and video games.

This is Gabby the Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica). She is my favorite Gaboon Viper, but sadly passed away several years ago due to an RI. Viperkeeper on youtube is one of my favorite users. I could watch his videos all day, he has a fantastic collection. If you like snakes, I’d definitely recommend watching some of his videos.

Anyways. This is my favorite venomous snake. I have a real soft spot for vipers, especially BIG FAT ONES. Lookkit how fat she is! She’s adorable!

Hopefully when I move to Colorado, I’ll find a mentor and train for a couple years before getting my own venomous snakes. A Gaboon or two would make me so happy. They are huge, fast, and unpredictable. Largest fangs and largest venom yield of any venomous snake. I just really love them. I really hope to get into vipers someday.

I’ll probably be training with less “potent” species before I get to move on to big Vipers.

Felt like sharing a video of one of my favorite species. c:

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