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I am female, 22 years old, and have an addiction to reptiles and video games.



Awwww! My little guys.
Baasil & Nigel

These snakes are not cuddling. What you are seeing is a dominance display where both animals will sit on top of one another and try to push the other away from the best spot. Thus competing for resources and stressing each other out.

And I hope these animals are not being co-habitated for this reason.

why are these snakes being co habbed? It’s not cute.
Whoever’s body is on the left looks rather skinny too.
Please separate them! It’s not healthy for them and it stresses them out.

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So it’s finally come to this. Mom got me this silly harness and name tag since I will be going out and travelling with her soon. She said it’s just incase I slip away and go for a walk like Frankie does. She also got me a stupid leash to keep me close. Atleast that better reflects who I am.

aww waffles its ok. Zoya feels the same way about hers.

You look very handsome in your harness! It accentuates your shell-complection and that tortie-butt!


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Worm the sand boa and Washburne!

Washburne has been rather aggressive lately and I can’t figure out why :/

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I was testing out a flash diffuser with the only creature that wasn’t going to move every 2 seconds. Kryll was a good model but got sick of me near the end.

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Digit being a cutie

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crablettes replied to your photo: “Vietnamese Giant Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes) Corpser’s lair….”:
What interests you about venomous snakes? Can you handle them at all? I’ve had a couple of snakes and handling them is one of the main reasons I enjoy them as pets.


I honestly think they are just the COOLEST things ever. I guess I kind of like the danger of them just a little bit. I’m not an adrenaline junkie by any means, but I just love love love venomous snakes. I think they are just so much more pretty than any non venomous I could get.

Even with venomoid snakes, they are not recommended for any unnecessary handling. Venomoiding a snake is incredibly cruel and should never ever EVER be done. They should never be handled normally. They can kill you. The only time they should be “handled” is with a hook and one hand supporting/holding onto the back end. Though a lot of species can come off the hook very easily and come right back on your hand without notice. Handling them with your bare hands is just asking for trouble. They have no warning before they bite and you just never want to be bitten. Anti venom is very expensive [Crotalus anti-venom is almost over $5,000 a vial!] and you may not live through it. If you do, you’ll probably be handicapped for a long time or for the rest of your life. VERY GRAPHIC image in the link, do not click it if you cannot handle gore. Seriously, exposed muscle and everything. This man got bitten by a Rattler and they had to do a faciotomy to relieve the pressure. He never regained full use of the limb.

Really the only time you should “handle” them is when you need to do veterinary care or clean out the cage.

I guess I really like them because I like watching more than handling. I enjoy handling my own snakes, but I also just love watching them just as much. Sometimes I sit like a creeper up on my loft bed and watch the nocturnals with my camera lens xD

Honestly, if these species weren’t so dangerous, I’d have like… 50…  Vipers are my favorites.

I really want a Gaboon Viper though my goodness look at that adorable pudge and gorgeous patterns

and a Rhinoceros Viper

Urutu’s are gorgeous as hell too

and puff adders aaaaaahahahahh I think I have a thing for chubby snakes

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Anonymous Ask me stuff:
What's the attraction of keeping pets you can never touch without upsetting like spiders?

For me, they are just SUPER pretty and really interesting to watch when they move. I love feeding them and taking photos of them. Each of my spiders has a different personality.

I’m not really sure how to explain the attraction? Or at least put it into words. I’m sure someone else can come up with a better explanation than I can.

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Kryll is telling me that the photo session is over

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Vietnamese Giant Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes)

Corpser’s lair. I might add more eco earth. It’s this dry at the end of the day when I mist in the morning :/ Thinking of taping half of her KK so it stays more humid.

She did NOT like me picking up her rock, haha. I tried to feed her but she just attacked it and nothing else. It’s amazing how long arthropods can go without food. She hasn’t shown interest in about 3 1/2 weeks.

I would have loved to get better photos but I really don’t like to mess with her much. She’s a rather “hot” creature and would probably send me to the hospital if I got tagged. Not as serious as a venomous snake bite, but still serious enough to demand respect. She’s kind of my “trainer” animal for when I finally get to have a venomous snake. UGH I WANT A COPPERHEAD SO BADLY.

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lususk Ask me stuff:
Can you post a picture of Corpser?

Sure thing! Lets see if she behaves…

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gtfo-im-a-turtle Ask me stuff:
How many reptiles (and Arthropoda cuz I saw the tarantula) do you have I'm so jealous!

Eeeeee I had to actually look at the list and say “I think that’s everyone….”

I got lots


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I’ve been thinking seriously about rehousing Tiberius. I love her but I’m just not hugely fond of bigger lizards. I really love tegus but idfk I’m really wanting to focus more on snakes and geckos. I could have like, 20 steppe runners though they are just precious and tiny.

I think she could also have a much better home with someone who’s more experienced with beardies.

It’s just… finding someone who I’m comfortable with having her, you know? I don’t want her to go to some kid or dropped off at a pet store or with someone who has no experience.

It’s also really hard even thinking about it because I feel like a terrible person and a bad owner for wanting to give her up :/  ugh. There are probably only TWO people on Tumblr I’d be ok with shipping her to.

FFFFFFF I hate these feelings.

Edward also isn’t doing so hot. Her cateract things are getting worse with age. I have to tong feed her 100% otherwise they get away from her or she misses repeatedly. [even if I crush the heads] I’ve had her for nearly 14 years and she was at least a year or two old when I got her. I don’t think she’s going to make it past this year to be honest. She’s not sick.. just getting a little old :c  Even with a humid hide her toes constantly get stuck shed and I have to give her a soak and then peel it off. She HATES it.

Instead of a class, I think I’m going to pick up a summer job. I have 2 classes lined up for fall, might as well get some money saved up.

There’s also a really pretty bullsnake I want ugh i want all the pretty reptiles

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Phone camera spam day sorry not sorry

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Alphonse is helping me draw today. He hasn’t moved for 30 minutes
I spam you guys with phoneposts

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Peekypeek at hooman

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