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Vet bills suck, care to help?
You can get art too!
Or you could donate.

I just combed over the babies with tweezers and a magnifying glass and pulled like, 10 adults off of them. Good lord. I can’t even see any on my adult ratties. The only thing I really noticed were scabs behind Kaidan’s ears today during free roam in the bathroom and that’s what spurred the investigation.

As soon as they get their meds, I’m going to deep clean their cage in boiling water and throw all their fleece in the washer/dryer

ugh. At least they aren’t as bad as snake mites and can’t be transferred to humans or my other animals but idk man, I think I’ll take a shower now and scrub every last inch of me 8I

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Vet Commissions

Rats somehow got lice that I need to treat. A visit to the vet to get kitten revolution for them will be $50 at minimum, just for the medication.

ALL money from these will go to the rats and taking care of my animals until I find a job.

None of this will be used for me. Not even for food.

I can’t really draw humans, sorry ;;  I’m one of those gosh darned furry artists

Donations would be super cool too.




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I know I sound like a total bitch sometimes but I promise I’m actually a pretty decent person

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rufflet replied to your post: “I’ve got a secret for y’all”:
8 bucks for two 18x18 tiles, got em cut for free, can clean the floor of my buddy’s cage in seconds. Best 8 bucks I ever spent (only used the repti carpet that came with his old cage before that and ugh even that was a pain to clean I can’t)

I just cleaned out Edwards tank before that photo. Took me 3 minutes. Take out the tile, wipe it down with a F10SC Sprayed paper towel, wipe down the cage floor with the paper towel, replace a paper towel under the tile, and put the tile back in.

it’s so simple, easy, and safe! How can people NOT use tile?? They can’t get an argument against it. Even the “sand is natural” argument is pulped by tile. Tile at least mimics the rock they would be hanging out on in the wild. If you really want a “natural” look, go with tile and add some sandstone or something, you know?

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I’ve got a secret for y’all

If you don’t use loose substrate at all, there is an absolutely 0 chance your animal will become impacted unless you feed it a fuckton of mealworms/superworms/prey items that are too big.

Holy crap

I mean, my mind is reeling from this information.

No sand, no impaction… huh… never thought of it that way.

Remove the danger, there is no danger. 

I mean, part of being a reptile owner is keeping your animal in a safe environment, right?

Go with tile. Paper towels. Anything but loose substrate.

Tile can be literally cut to your cage size for less than $20 at lowes or home depot. It’ll last your animal a lifetime providing you don’t drop it. The most EASY thing to clean. Pick it out. Wipe it off. Put it back in. Holy shit it’s so simple, a caveman could do it!

Seriously, stop endangering your animals health with loose substrate. You’re spending a lot of money on sand, providing you clean it out as you should.

Tile is cheap, easy to clean, and it looks bitchin’. I’m honestly thinking of taking a chisel and carving little shapes into the tile.

*she has a water dish it was just being cleaned at the time

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"sand isn’t bad"

"that sand was used improperly

"I’ve used sand for x amount of years and I have never had a problem"

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Come on folks, there are only a few days left to comment on this!  Deadline is July 24th!  This Thursday!

All Americans who appreciate their freedom to have pets should comment. This may only affect big snake keepers now, but any species could be the next target. The entire pet community is being picked apart as we are not supporting each other in protecting our freedoms. Support your pet and reptile community and comment today! Over 80 million American households have pets. Over five million of those have pet reptiles. There should be tens or hundreds of thousands of comments made against adding additional species to the Constrictor Rule. This needs to be shared! Below are Talking Points, comment links, mailing address, sample letter, FAQ and more. 

Deadline is July 24 (no extension): Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is taking additional comments regarding listing five species of snakes (Boa constrictor, Reticulated python, DeSchauensee’s anaconda, Green anaconda and Beni anaconda) as injurious under the Lacey Act. These species were originally proposed in 2010. If listed, FWS would ban interstate transportation/commerce and importation. Remember to be professional and civil with your comments.

Comments must be submitted at!documentDetail;D=FWS-R9-FHC-2008-0015-4570 and clicking Comment Now! in the upper right. You may also comment at!submitComment;D=FWS-R9-FHC-2008-0015-4570.
Please guys, if you haven’t yet, go visit the site and comment to defend our ability to keep our animals.  If you missed why this is so important to us (and me) last time, it’s this: once added to the Lacey act, these animals cannot be moved or sold across state lines. 
For me, and in time you (you know they’re coming for BPs and smaller exotics next, just look at the bans coming out of West Virginia and the Carolinas), this means:
1.  If you get a job in another state or have to move to another state, you cannot take your pet(s) with you like a responsible owner.
2.  If your vet is across state lines or you have to seek medical attention for your animal across state lines, you can’t take it there.
3.  You can’t ship in or ship out from your state, destroying any chance at a solid business.
4.  Do you travel from state to state doing educational programs with your animals?  Good luck.  You might be able to get a permit for it.  Maybe.  If they’re feeling generous.
5.  Conservation through captive breeding?  Not anymore. 
And if you get caught trying to take your pet or sell your stock over state lines?
1.  Up to $10,000 in fines
2.  Jail time
3.  Congratulations, you are now a felon.
So again, please help us stop this assault on responsible reptile ownership.
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My parents sent me a new knife for chopping up Tibby’s veggies and I cut my finger on it today 8C

but nothing beats a brand new, razor sharp knife though. I barely have to use any pressure to cut her greens. It’s nice.

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Kryll is a great desk buddy. I watched her move dirt for 20 minutes yesterday.


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I think Washburne is my prettiest snake. Really want to find a girl who looks just like him just to see what he would throw. He is also the most active ball I have ever seen. I had to boop his nose to get him to stay still for a picture.

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when I see a cat I must stop what I’m doing and acknowledge the cat, approach the cat, and attempt to pet the cat. I just love cats.

There’s a really nice outdoor cat [uggh…] near my boyfriends apartment that I saw the other day before we went to dinner. I just thrust my motorcycle helmet at boyfriend and said “HOLD THIS THERE’S A CAT I GOTTA GO PET IT”

and the cat was super nice and really loved the attention I was giving him.

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Frozen treats. Just diced apple put into ice cube trays and frozen overnight. Kaidan loves them.

I’ve also got another tray with peas, broccoli, and bananas frozen in ice too. Gives them something to gnaw on and it’s tasty!

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Here’s a better photo of their cage. So far I have found no ratty raisins outside the litter box! Going to pick up some new litter tomorrow.

Put the nest box on the bottom floor because Shepard kept dropping them off the second floor oO;;

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Houston, I know your hair is a rats nest but this is getting out of hand

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I fleecified it

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